National Salsa-Bachata Open


  • Bachata Couples
  • Bachata Free style
  • Rueda de Casino

Rueda de Casino: 

  • minimum 3 couples
  • 80% Salsa Music
  • 4:00 min maximum length
Bachata Couple Divisions: 
  • Eligable for this division are all couples regardless of the level. 
  • A choreography with duration 2 minutes must be prepared. 
  • Couples will present freestyle dance and their choreography after that.
  • There is no limitation for dance tricks!


You can register for the competition at the dedicated info desk which will be opened on Friday and Saturday.

There is an registration fee  for the Bachata Divisions - 20EURO per couple. 

You must have a Full Pass for the National Salsa Congress in order to take part in the competition.