1. "LOS PAMBOS EVENT" shall be obliged to provide services, requested and paid by the client under an online reservation, in their full amount according to the data provided by the client through the reservation form for: Customer name, period, number of nights of stay, number of adults and children, price per night.

1.1. In the reservation, the children under the age of 2 years as at the date of arrival, will be categorized as babies, and as children the guests from the age of 2 years up to 12 years, as at the date of arrival. 


1. The prices on the website of "LOS PAMBOS EVENT" are in euro, with included 9% VAT, tourist tax, and insurance. 

2. The total amount due from the customer on the reservation will be calculated automatically, depending on the number of days, number of adults and children, and the actual price offer for the corresponding period. 

3. The reservation is guaranteed after 100% payment. Without full payment the reservation will not be confirmed and the guests will not be accommodated. 

4. "LOS PAMBOS EVENT" reserves its right to change the prices on its online platform. For already made, confirmed and paid reservations, the amount due will not change regardless of the new bids submitted.


1. In case of cancellation, earlier departure or change of an online reservation already paid by the customer, LOS PAMBOS EVENT Ltd. refunds the amount paid for the unused reservation by charging a penalty depending on the dates of stay in the reservation and the cancellation period:
1.1. In case of cancellation of a person/room 1 week before the event or earlier as a penalty shall be withheld only the accommodation price per person.
1.2. In case of cancellation of a person/room after this period or in case of non arrival the total value of the reservation shall be withheld as a penalty.
1.3. In case of shortened stay, the value of the unused part of the reservation shall not be refunded.

2. Amounts for paid reservations with a discount (on the first price) for early bookings and special offers shall not be refunded. 

3. For the reservations, made with a discount for early bookings and special offers (all the reservations before the deadline of the first price) shall not be permitted the following changes - change of names, number of guests. 
3.1. A change in one of the above parameters will be considered as a new reservation. 

4. The refunding of the paid amounts on canceled reservations will be made in the manner in which the payment is received:
4.1 When paying with a debit/credit card - via transaction on the card, with which the payment for the reservation has been made
4.2. When paying by bank transfer - via bank transfer on the account, from which the payment for the reservation is received
5. The refund of amounts shall be made in the 30-day period from the date of the cancellation.

Through the online reservation portal of our website, you are able to make a reservation by yourself immediately according to the parameters set by you and to pay it through our virtual POS terminal.

1. We accept payments with Visa, Visa Electron, V Pay, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic or Maestro cards.

After you have created and confirmed the reservation, and proceed to its payment the payment page of BORICA opens up. The payment screen is located in a 3-D Secure environment of BORICA, providing full protection of the data, which the customer enters. On this screen, the customer enters data from his/her card - card type, number, a period of validity and CVV2/СVС2 code. In case of cards, requiring an additional 3-D authentication, at which you are registered in the authentication schemes Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode, an authentication page of your bank Issuer opens up, where you have to enter your password for authentication.

2. In order to be able to use your debit card for online payments, it is necessary to activate this service and to obtain your secret code, which you should use in your online payments. You can make the activation on any ATM machine in the network of BORICA.
2.1. The steps, according to which you can activate your service, and obtain your secret code are:
Step 1: Insert your card into the ATM. Select "Other services".
Step 2: Select from the menu of the ATM the option "Payment via the Internet".
Step 3: Select from the menu of the ATM "Secret code of BORICA".
Step 4: On the ATM screen is shown the message for the successful generation of your secret code.
On the cash receipt that will be printed, you will find the secret code, which you need for online payments with your debit card.
N.B. At no time during the creation of the reservation, the payment or after the payment, the merchant does not have access to the data from the card of the cardholder.
2.2. In case of a successful transaction on the screen is visualized a transaction receipt, which you must print out and save.
2.3. At the time of the online booking, the mentioned amounts will be automatically withdrawn from your card at the conclusion of the payment process.

3. After a successful payment of the value of the created reservation, you will receive a confirmation on the e-mail that you wrote for successful and 100% guaranteed reservation in a period of 10 days after your transaction.

Please keep in mind that guests without 100% advance payment of the reservation will not be accommodated.
For reservations in which the person making the reservation is different from the user of the reservation an advance payment through physical POS terminal without the presence of the card shall not be accepted. In these cases we recommend the customers to pay in advance their stay through the virtual POS terminal in the online reservation module on the website or with a bank transfer.

1. Your personal data are protected under the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and are used solely by the booking department of LOS PAMBOS EVENT LTD.

2. Your personal data will not be provided to third parties.

3. To proceed with your booking, you must declare that you are familiar with and agree to these General Terms and Conditions for Online Reservations of "LOS PAMBOS EVENT".